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Participate in the CERGE-EI Foundation Distance Learning Program 2021.

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Centre for Professional and Lifelong Education under WIUT in cooperation with the CERGE-EI Foundation, invites all bachelor and master level students, faculty members, applied researchers, and other interested individuals to participate in a live-streamed economics courses starting in November 2021.

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The course will introduce students to the economic functioning of centrally planned economies and the reasons behind their collapse. It will cover the main challenges the countries faced when transforming to market economies and analyze policies that were available and applied through the transition, such as privatization, macrostabilization, approaches to sectoral reallocation and similar. We will explore the advantages and disadvantages of the policies and assess how well they fitted the specific conditions of various countries. We will evaluate to what extent the transition was successful in achieving its goal to establish market economies and to what extent it is still a work in progress.

Prerequisites: Microeconomics and Macroeconomics at intermediate level. If in doubt, please discuss your background with the lecturer.

Main instructors: Vilém Semerák, Ph.D., in cooperation with Krešimir Žigić, Ph.D.


This course will cover selected topics on Economics of Innovation. It will help students to answer the most common questions about economic aspects of innovations: Why do firms innovate and why do they strive to be first in a race of research and development? How can employees be motivated to produce innovative outputs? How innovative ideas spread and foster creation of a new knowledge? How intellectual property of innovators is protected and what are the costs and scope of such protection? Where can innovative start-up firms get money to finance their projects?

Prerequisites: Intermediate Microeconomics

Main instructor: Taras Hrendash, M.A., Ph.D. candidate


Classes: November 1 – December 10

Final Exam Week: December 13-17

Make-up exam week: December 20-24

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