Internal Professional Courses

Professional certified courses for WIUT's staff ensure professional enhancement and development by offering high-quality courses

Lifelong learning:

  • revitalises the existing knowledge and skills of teachers and staff 

  • provides teachers with the best opportunities and training for further development

How can the academics benefit?

What we do for you?

Help to enhance research skills with modern approaches
Be a platform for systematic discussions, exchanging ideas and sharing experiences 
Be an additional source of income for those who teach the courses
Keeping up-to-date those who attend the classes and those who teach

Teach for us

Boost the confidence of those teachers who may need it 
Bringing forth modern approaches to education and classroom management 
Act as a support system by helping both new and experienced teachers
Be of help for those who seek grade review / academic promotion

Collaborate with colleagues and enhance your skills as well as professional background!