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ACCA is the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, a thriving global community of 233,000 members and 536,000 future members based in 178 countries that upholds the highest professional and ethical values. ACCA qualifications develop forward-thinking professionals with the financial and business skills essential for the creation of sustainable economies and flourishing societies


ACCA Accredited Programme
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) has accredited following programmes of Westminster International University in Tashkent:

If you are a WIUT student studying in one of these programmes, you will be qualified to obtain ACCA Qualifications in addition to the qualification you receive from the University.

The students should choose the following modules to
get exemptions from ACCA examinations:

WIUT Modules

Offered in

ACCA Qualification


Upon completion of university

Paper F1 - Business & Technology

Management Accounting (MA)

Level 5

Paper F2 - Management Accounting

Financial Accounting (FA)

Level 4

Paper F3 - Financial Accounting

Commercial and Corporate Law (CCL)

Level 5

Paper F4 - Corporate & Business Law

Strategic Management Accounting and Performance Measurement (SMAPM)

Level 6

Paper F5 - Performance Management

Principles and Practices of Taxation (PPT)

Level 6

Paper F6 - Taxation

Financial Reporting (FR)

Level 6

Paper F7 - Financial Reporting

Audit and Assurance (AA)

Level 6

Paper F8 - Audit & Assurance

Financial Management (FM)

Level 5

Paper F9 - Financial Management

The students can use ACCA exemptions calculator to find out if they can apply for any exemptions.

Frequently Asked Questions:

ACCA is one of the most prestigious professional qualifications in the field of finances, accounting and management, valued by employers around the world.