Our Courses

Business management and psychology
Language of the course: Uzbek/Russian/English 


  • Understanding “Leadership”;
  • Formal and informal leadership;
  • Traditional and modern concepts of leadership;
  • Situational leadership models;
  • Leadership and goal setting;
  • Leadership and self-esteem;
  • Leadership and interaction with subordinates;
  • Development of leaders
Personnel management
Language of the course: Russian/English 

  • Team and joint work management;
  • Performance management;
  • Flexibility vs. Adaptation;
  • Value of diversity in a team;
  • Putting good teamwork principles into practice
Information Technology
Language of the course: Russian/English 

  • Systematic and methodological thinking on business analytics issues;
  • Using your problem solving skills and your knowledge of various methods, tools and techniques to provide business-analytics and analytical solutions to a wide range of problems;
  • Build models and deploy appropriate software tools that meet specified requirements and test their use in the target area;
  • Exploring the context in which business-analytics development takes place
Language of the course: Russian/English 

  • Basic characteristics of currency market;
  • Mechanisms of currency market: supply and demand rates, major currency pairs, cross rates, refinancing rates, currency valuation and risk assessment;
  • Theories of currency value. Purchasing Power Parity (PPP)
  • Central banks and currency: how central banks manipulate exchange rates;
  • Direct (current) and forward exchange rates. Foreign exchange futures markets;
  • Fundamental analysis: International calendar of economic events and issues related to foreign exchange markets and its use in practice;
  • Introduction to FX instruments and FX derivatives;
  • Currency risk assessment, applying hedging principles and making decisions to minimise risks
Language of the course: Uzbek/English 

  • Marketing as unifying power in the achievement of corporate goals;
  • Various definitions of marketing;
  • Role of marketing in the enterprise;
  • Connection of marketing department with others;
  • Organisation of marketing activity in the enterprise;
  • Responsibilities of the marketing manager;
  • Examples of local and foreign marketing companies
Language of the course: Russian/English 

  • Commercial law, including English corporate law, contract law, financial law;
  • Corporate law;
  • Banking and financial law;
  • Investment law, including legal regulation of direct foreign investments;
  • Energy law;
  • Building law;
  • Intellectual property law;
  • Alternative dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation;
  • Privacy and data security