Register for courses for WIUT executive education by phone, email or online.

Online: press Apply online in the course information box at each course which you are interested

Phone: +99871 2387477 (800)


Your course registration is not final until your payment is received in full. You must contact the Executive Education team to get your payment approval at least 3 days before the start of the course.

Note: An incomplete registration form will not secure you space in a class.

Requirements to be eligible for a specific course are indicated in the course information as there are no standard qualifications needed for all courses. 


If you miss any class day or portion of a program because of weather, illness or other circumstances, WIUT Executive Education is unable to reimburse you for any part of the course tuition or offer complementary participation in any subsequent iteration. The policy also applies to all courses.


WIUT awards with certification only if the attendance of a participant throughout the course reaches at least 80%. In case of attendance level lower, then the indicated percentage, WIUT has the right not to award course certification upon completion. 


You will receive program materials — including an agenda with session times — on the first day of the course. If a program requires prereadings, surveys or information requests for security clearances, these materials also will be supplied. In addition, all the needed stationery will also be provided.


WIUT reserves the right to use photos taken during its events and activities for promotional purposes. Photographs occasionally are taken during classes, but if you do not want to be photographed, you can inform the staff.