The WIUT offers dynamic and flexible education options for individuals and professionals.

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Consultancy services include:

  • expert knowledge
  • research-based consultancy
  • proof-of-concept testing of new and emerging technologies
  • expert witnesses, advice and opinion
  • laboratory testing, design, development and evaluation
  • experimental/prototype design and development
  • customised training
  • representation on commercial scientific advisory boards and speaker engagement
  • project management

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     WIUT has worked with organisations from all sectors as a part of the staff development programs, delivering master classes and certificate programs. We can offer a range of training courses to suit the needs of a particular organisation or partnership, and work closely with organisations to develop a programme which will be highly effective and applicable to the context in which the participants are working in.
    Depending on the needs and wishes of an organisation, WIUT can deliver existing training courses or develop further courses which tailor the content specifically to the organisation being trained. Some examples of courses which can be delivered could be found here.

Developing tailored courses.
    Typically, a tailored course would be developed in close consultation with an organisation in over two options:
  • Organization can provide a list of topics with concentration areas in which they wish to get trained;
  • Organization can select from the available list of courses and request a tailored course.
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