Keynote Speech – Generative AI opportunities and challenges: a University of Westminster perspective - Dr. Sal Jarvis, Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Education), UoW - Download

Presentation 1: The AI Generative Systems in Education: Assessment and Research Practices - Aleksei Gudkov (SOLTE) - Download

Presentation 2: Leveraging ChatGPT to Enhance Learning skills (case of programming languages) - Hamid Reza Shahbazkia (SOLTE) - Download

Presentation 3: Using Artificial Intelligence tools for Enhancing Assessment in Education - Dilshod Ibragimov, Hamid Shahbazkia, Shirin Primkulova (SOLTE) - Download

Presentation 4: Neuroeducation: Boosting motivation and awareness in finance modules – Indira Khadjieva (SOBE) - Download

Presentation 5: The Role of Resilience to Encourage Inclusivity in Classroom – Dilshoda Rahmonova (SOBE) - Download

Presentation 6: How to Teach Research Viral? The importance of “Community Research Project” – Nargiza Alimukhamedova and Iroda Komilova (Graduate School) - Download

Presentation 7: Sustainable Project-Based Learning: Empowering Students with Skills for Their Academic Future - Marufjon Karimov, Shodiya Inomkhujaeva (Pre-University) - Download

Presentation 8: WAIT, it’s not over yet! - Ulugbek Islamov (SOBE) - Download